How it works



Your Sticker Store is a platform for customers to get printing done. Simplifying the process for customers while still getting the required details for the print companies.


  1. Create an account: Take control of your printing job with a free account, it takes less than 1 minute.
  2. Add a job: Adding a job at Your Sticker Store is free and you have no obligations to accept a quote. You can add as many jobs as you like and just pick the quote you like best!
  3. Receive quotes:Let Your Sticker Store take the hassle out of getting quotes. You will receive multiple quotes and receive an email to notify you of each new quote. To view the quote login and you will see all the bids. Remember you don’t have to pick one!
  4. Award the printing job:Once you have selected which print company you like you can award them the job. At this stage the print company will receive your contact details.
  5. Once a job is Awarded:Once you have awarded the job you can finalize all the details of the printing. Payment is made direct to the printing company.


PLUS Your Sticker Store has no fees for customers so there is no need to worry about any online payments.

How it works – If your a printing company

  1. Create an account: Start a free Your Sticker Store account to boost your business profits. An account takes less than 1 minute.
  2. Search available jobs: Once you have an account you can submit offers on as many jobs as you want! You are charged a 7% fee of the winning job price.
  3. Winning a job:If you have just won your first job, congratulations! Once a customer awards you the job you will have their full contact details to finalize the job.  It is important to only submit offers on jobs you intend on fulfilling.
  4. Feedback:You will be given feedback based on the jobs you complete on Your Sticker Store. Negative ratings will cause a review and potential removal of your business from Your Sticker Store.


Frequently asked questions – Getting something printed

What is GSM or Paper Grammage?

Is the thickness of the paper.

Getting the Best Price – Tips?

Wait to receive a few quotes before you select one.

The more you print the cheaper it gets: 1000 flyers may cost $120 but getting 2000 flyers might only cost $135.

Ask print companies questions like:

  • How much extra for double sided printing compared to single sided printing?
  • Can I get a discount if I pick it up?

Is there any charge for adding a job?

No, adding a job is 100% free!

What type of picture files can I upload to my Your Sticker Store job?
  • JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg, .jpe)
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • PDF

(Maximum of 3 pictures)

NOTE: This is just an example of your artwork, and you can discuss and send a more comprehensive file once you pick a print company.

What should I include in Extra details?
  • Include any questions you have for the print companies
  • specific requirements of the print company
  • Size and type of sticker
  • Size and type of sign
  • Do I need my job Laminated
  • If you want printing on recycled paper
  • Questions about GSM.